• Unisex warm down jacket
  • Unisex warm down jacket
  • Unisex warm down jacket
  • Unisex warm down jacket

Unisex warm down jacket


Opt for this warm jacket to find the best remedy!

Can't stand the cold? The thermometer announces another harsh winter.

In contrast to a warm jacket, this thermal jacket covers the upper body perfectly, so that you can enjoy soothing warmth on the most important parts of the body.


It is perfect for people with back or neck pain and conducts heat to the back, but also to the forearms. To ride a motorcycle, go to work or go to school ... you never have to wear so many layers of clothing again!

Ergonomic design

You will also appreciate the ergonomics: a beautiful button design and easy access to different temperature levels, zip pockets, hollow cotton, a hood that protects you from the weather, so you will feel like you are in a real cocoon!


  • Three temperatures to choose from (25 °, 35 ° and 45 °)
  • Light raincoat
  • Fits all styles of clothing
  • Two zipped side pockets
  • certificate of authenticity
  • LED ignition button on the chest
  • Elastic waistband
  • Inside zip pocket for battery with USB cable

How to wash this heating jacket

  • Turn off the jacket and remove the battery
  • Add neutral detergent and cold water
  • Wash by hand or in the machine (maximum at 30 ° C)
  • Dry naturally
  • Do not use until the jacket is completely dry

Size Chart

Package includes

  • 1 * Unisex warm down jacket
  • Power bank (not included)