• UltraMopp: adjustable double-sided mop
  • UltraMopp: adjustable double-sided mop
  • UltraMopp: adjustable double-sided mop
  • UltraMopp: adjustable double-sided mop
  • UltraMopp: adjustable double-sided mop

UltraMopp: adjustable double-sided mop


Ideal for cleaning almost all types of surfaces, be it floors, walls or windows!

Wiping can be a very time-consuming and exhausting job. For this very reason, it should be as simple as possible. The UltraMop remedies this. It was designed to make wiping easier for you and to live up to its name.

You can switch from wet to dry in seconds! It is super absorbent and easy to clean!

Why is this broom / mop a must in every household?

A double-sided use

Thanks to its double-sided use as a broom and mop, the UltraMopp gives you the opportunity to clean faster and more conveniently. Because you can switch between the broom and the mop in just a few seconds.

Practically! Thanks to the flexible handle you can clean even in hard-to-reach corners without having to bend down.

360 ° rotation for quick cleaning

Thanks to the 360 ​​° rotating head, the mop wets and dries in all directions. Now you don't have to worry and keep switching between the two devices. The UltraMop does both at the same time.

Thanks to the good handling, you can clean even the hardest to reach places: under the bed, the sofa or very deep furniture.

Self-drying thanks to microfibers

After use, you can simply close the broom head on both sides, saving you a lot of space and time! The UltraMopp is 100% self-drying, so you no longer have to dry your mop for hours.

Never seen! The broom / mop rag has a solid metal handle that is extremely reliable and long-lasting. With the UltraMopp you will save money.

You will make your life easier, without electricity, without batteries!

Practically! Due to the double use, you can clean all surfaces in a short time. Thanks to the good cleaning microfiber fabric, you will simply love this new broom!

Washable, reusable microfiber pads

No expensive disposable pads - after using the self-drying broom, simply remove the mop and put it in the washing machine. This way it stays clean and you save time!