Inflatable Travel Cushion: Perfect Support and Optimal Comfort


Helps fight torticollis and cramp 

When traveling by plane, car or train, the position of your neck and head should contribute to your comfort. When you sit for several hours, it is therefore important to make yourself comfortable to avoid any false movement, stiff necks or cramps. It is for these reasons that you need a travel cushion adapted to your size, for your comfort.

Guarantees perfect support and optimal comfort

The H-cut of this travel pillow is what characterizes it most. This cut not only allows the cushion to be comfortable, but also to perfectly fit the cut of your neck.This travel cushion will also keep your neck in position to avoid waking up with each brake application. A removable cap is also available with this airplane cushion. This allows you to cover your head to sleep, or if you are cold during the trip.


Thanks to an ultra-resistance valve, there is no risk of deflating along the way. The presence of a small pocket on this pillow will also allow you to keep your smartphone close at hand.

Easy to carry

If you are one of those who like to travel light, this airbag is definitely for you. Indeed, for a minimum size, it comes with a small storage pocket. Once deflated, you can slip it easily and discreetly in your hand luggage.

Ergonomic design

In standard position or in inverted position, this inflatable pillow guarantees you a perfect support and an optimal comfort. In addition, it is extremely ergonomic and inflates in seconds. 


  • Comfortable
  • Effective 
  • Section H 
  • Supplied with a cap